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It has been a while since I had a regular blog post...A LOT has happened in my life this year that is really LIFE CHANGING and have occupied me and not had time to stop and think things over or even document them (except from some snapshots every now and then)..
It is only now while I am sitting here in my office desk that I heard myself breathe and stop and think...woooh what a very eventful past months...
Imagine, I got married on February, then gave birth on July and then became an editor in my work...now my son is going to be 3 month old and will have his christening soon....
Thanks God for all of these blessings...may I handle all these things well...all according to your guidance...



I wish he could understand me more...


Glee: (You're) Having My Baby Lyrics

Having my baby
what a lovely way of saying
How much you love me.
Having my baby
what a lovely way of saying
What you're thinking of me.
I can see it your face is glowing

I can see it in your eyes.
I'm happy knowin' that you're having my baby.
You're the woman I love and I love what it's doin' to you.
Having my baby
you're a woman in love and I love
What's goin' through you.
The need inside you
I see it showin'
the seed inside you
do you feel it growin'

Are you happy in knowin' that you're having my baby?

I'm a woman in love and I love
What it's doin' to me.
Having my baby.
I'm a woman in love and I love
What's goin' through me.

Didn't have to keep it
wouldn't put you through it.
You could have swept it from your life
But you wouldn't do it
you wouldn't do it.
And you're having my baby.

I'm a woman in love and I love



Lord, guide me and help me to have the right and positive mindset about all the things that is happening in my life right now.

I'll Take Care of You


in denial...

Although it has been confirmed twice...I am still in denial... or may be because I am scared of it...

tips for a better 2011

I would like to share this entry from Rajo Laurel's blog.
Its nice to remind ourselves of what really matters in life.

Check this http://blogs.stylebible.ph/rajosblog/2010/12/30/40-tips-to-make-each-day-special/ out.

feeling sick...

I hate it when I always feel nauseated, with headache, backache and stomachache....
Please let this stop :(



I have a lot in my mind these past days.
I am tired.
I am stressed out.
God grant me serenity and enlightenment.



I got to remember this post of mine a few years ago....